Sopraco Group

Il gruppo belga Sopraco, uno dei principali fornitori di carne in Europa si affida per il controllo di qualità ai monitor industriali FDF2304W-IP e FDF4627W-IP.

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Walibi Holland

This FDF2304W-IP Decoder Monitor solution provides us with huge flexibility when displaying the various IP video images. Installation is very quick and saves us a lot of time.

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Alphatron Marine BV

EIZO took on the major challenge of working with Alphatron to realize Luuk Vroombout’s vision and develop new 46-inch monitor for shipping, specifically designed for the AlphaPremiumBridge concept

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Aachener Straßenbahn und Energieversorgungs-AG (ASEAG)

ASEAG set up two identically equipped dispatch work stations each with seven FDF2303W monitors in the fall of 2013. At least one of the two work stations is manned during operating periods.

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Port of Antwerp

The highly complex logistical network of the harbour is laid out on several monitors that visualize high resolution IP cameras. The EV3237 proved to be capable of showing all sorts of images in very precise way.

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Marinequip AS is a Norwegian supplier and manufacturer of ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicle) and lighting and monitoring systems for above and below water.

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Delta Software and Hardware Complex: Solutions for Icebreaking Fleets

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